Updated Robot Chassis

The chassis was updated for several reasons. Problems included that the wheels often fell off, there was no organization of the electrical components inside the chassis, and the cardboard body was difficult to remove since the ultrasonic sensor and the IR components were attached to the cardboard body.

For these tests, we decided to use 1/8th inch thick birch plywood, which was available to us and less expensive than acrylic in these tests.

To combat the issue of the wheels popping off after extended use, we added an outline of base material around the wheels to protect them from outside disturbance.

For more organization within the body, we added a shelf where the new circuit board is supposed to be screwed into. Perhaps the LiPo Rider will reside underneath the shelf.

Lastly, to make the electronics completely separate of the body, we added base extensions to the front and back of the chassis. At the end of these two base extensions is an upward extension that now houses the ultrasonic and IR sensors.

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