First Terrarium Test

As a test for Sunbots V3.2, we decided to make a test terrarium to find an approximate weight of the finished dome, as well as determine if we liked the look of the terrarium within the dome.

Starting with the bottom of the terrarium, you want to place some kind of drainage. As a test, we baked several sizes of formed polymer clay to see if it would be lighter than traditional stones. A polymer clay stone weighed approximately 5g, and an ordinary stone of similar size weighed 16g.

Typically, you would then add activated charcoal, which we did not have for this first test. Then I added a soil separator, which in this case was a mesh cotton grocery bag. The grocery bag is not ideal because it is made of organic material which will rot eventually. We plan to replace this with fiberglass door mesh in the future.

Next, several inches of soil were added, typically we would also add perlite to the soil. The plants were pulled from their original pots and lightly dislodged the soil from the roots. Both plants were able to be split into three separate plants to be moved around the container. They were placed in sort of a half crescent around the circular dome.

The soil was packed with fingers, making sure all the roots were covered and spaced out well enough from each other. Finally, the dome was screwed closed and the terrarium was complete!

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